Our people ensuring we deliver high quality, fully compliant B2B data

Working from our UK head office, all the information we deliver is researched by our dedicated and highly skilled in-house team, all of whom are native speakers working in their native-tongue to ensure the finer, linguistic nuances are carefully considered. We believe that our data is only as good as our people so that's why we invest in them. Every regional team is led by a native-speaking team leader, who like all our managers started as researchers ensuring a wealth of in-house knowledge and experience as well as total adherence to our rigorous methodology and processes.


Vicky Mcfarlane Sales Manager

Vicky Mcfarlane

Sales Manager

Vicky is half Scottish, half German which in this case is the perfect mix! She is a hobby photographer, sport enthusiast and has travelled pretty much all over the world.

Alberto Gomez Spanish Researcher

Alberto Gomez

Spanish Researcher

Alberto is the greatest guitar player in the office and is often called "The Spanish Slash". He is also a huge fan of football and supports the correct Madrid team, aka Athletico Madrid.

Louise Lambert UK Researcher

Louise Lambert

Uk Researcher

Louise loves Friends (the TV series, not the concept of friends), kittens and eating Spaghetti Bolognese from an Italian Restaurant in Battersea.

Jeff De Wit BNLX Researcher

Jeff De Wit

Bnlx Researcher

Jeff is our Gentle Giant of the office and is a huge fan of NBA. Loves to eat … & enjoys a good laugh.

Emile Mefan FR Researcher

Emile Mefan

Fr Researcher

Emile is from Cameroon and always dresses to impress. He is considered the office nice guy!

Roberta Tesei Italian Researcher

Roberta Tesei

Italian Researcher

Roby is as Italian as pizza and loves wine, good food, travelling and yoga. She speaks multiple languages and is also a language teacher besides her job at i4b.

Samuel Kinrade Nordics Researcher

Samuel Kinrade

Nordics Researcher

Common nicknames: Sam, Woodland-creature, Swedish Viking. His hobbies include hiking, workouts and music. He also loves animals, has a strong interest in psychology and philosophy, and is a big fan of rugby.

Monika Wasyl Account Manager

Monika Wasyl

Account Manager

Besides being an Account Manager, Monika is a huge fan of jigsaws and Prosecco (often together). She always talks about her two dogs and often treats her dogs better than people.

Elisabeth Lebosse FR Researcher

Elisabeth Lebosse

Fr Researcher

Elisabeth is from Bretagne in France and is a huge fan of swimming.

Matilda Fry Research Manager

Matilda Fry

Research Manager

Matilda watches Aldershot FC play every weekend, but she admits she mainly goes for the drinks and the songs. She is also the best singer in the office.

Janina Schober DE Researcher

Janina Schober

De Researcher

Janina first came to the UK as an au pair and enjoys reading crimes and thrillers. Fun Fact: Janina is German AND has a German shepherd named Kolo.

Tom Humphrey UK Researcher

Manuel Boo

Uk Researcher

Tazmin Getgood UK Researcher

Tazmin Getgood

Uk Researcher

Tazmin participates and has an in martial arts. She also likes slaying video games and DND.

Richard Hodges UK Researcher

Richard Hodges

Uk Researcher

Richard is a big fan of Pompey and golf. In his spare time he likes to run, run and run a bit more.

Andrea Reep Account manager

Andrea Reep

Account Manager

In addition to being one of our Account Managers, Andrea is also involved in our Privacy team. She applies her German discipline and strictness to her job as well as to everyone around her. Her hobbies are ducks and gardening.

Elias Pruss Dach Researcher

Elias Pruss

Dach Researcher

Elias is half Swiss, half German and grew up in the paradise of Germany: Bavaria. So obviously he supports FC Bayern München.

Despite growing up in paradise he decided to leave Bavaria, to see the world and to live in multiple places like Spain, China and now England.

Olivia Miller-Davis UK Researcher

Olivia Miller-Davis

Uk Researcher

Olivia is crazy about cats, Panic! At the Disco and anything to do with Disney. She also loves Australia, although her attempt at an Australian accent is terrible.

Becky Stevens Financial Director

Becky Stevens

Financial Director

Becky enjoys reading, swimming and shopping in her spare time. She loves purple, is a coffee connoisseur and enjoys a glass of prosecco after work.

Lucy Mcguigan UK Researcher

Lucy Mcguigan

Uk Researcher

Lucy is the unofficial gossip queen of the office and knows everything that is happening. She also loves ABBA and drinking in the sun (and is from European - whatever that means).

James Stevens Chief Technology Officer

James Stevens

Chief Technology Officer

James was employee number two way back in 1996, 6 months after Barry (Founder) started the company. He enjoys bike riding, films and watching stand up comedy.

Madison Bridgeman UK Researcher

Madison Bridgeman

Uk Researcher

Madison likes reading (a lot). When she's not reading, she watches 90s TV shows, like Friends and Full House, mostly Friends – She's obsessed.

She also like rock music, AC/DC and Def Leopard are her faves.

Charlie Marshall Research Manager

Charlie Marshall

Research Manager

Charlie brews his own beer, runs his own radio station. He calls himself an expert on beer, although his favourite beer is Amstel...

Tim stevens Managing Director

Tim Stevens

Managing Director

Tim has been working for the family business in some capacity since he was 12. He enjoys playing football and golf and is a big fan of Newcastle United.

Becca Strowger UK Researcher

Becca Strowger

Uk Researcher

Rebecca Likes travelling, and spending time in the pub. Her philosophy is to always have a holiday booked to look forward to.

Molly Witherington UK Researcher

Molly Witherington

Uk Researcher

Molly horse rides in her spare time and has done so for the last 15 years. She also loves drama and has been acting for 12 years. Molly watches Guildford flames ice hockey team play but mainly goes for the food/drinks :)

Caitlin Walker

Uk Researcher


Jordan King UK Researcher

Michele Affi

Fr Researcher

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