i-4business vs. ZoomInfo: Which is better?

i4business vs. Zoom Info

The i-4business database was developed and tailored specifically for B2B organisations. Our data is used throughout Europe, helping sales and marketing teams successfully drive pipeline.

Customers choose i-4business over ZoomInfo because:

• We own all our data and have a greater depth of job roles.

• We're the only data provider with an in-house research team of native speakers.

• Our fully transparent process means our data available is the most GDPR compliant.  

• We have greater coverage and a lot more experience across Europe.

• Only our data accuracy is guaranteed  with clear contractual commitments to the quality.

• Only we offer a FREE, no obligation 30-Day Trial.

Why is i-4business better than ZoomInfo?

Where do i-4business and ZoomInfo get their data?

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  • We own all our own data. We’re not aggregators and we buy no data from external sources.

  • Our research team is full-time employed by us and UK-based. All researchers are native speakers.

  • Our data is collected in the proper way to ensure compliance, accuracy and quality.

  • 3-month training and ongoing monitoring of researchers for quality control. Automated systems to help highlight errors, omissions, or inconsistencies.

  • We don’t use 3rd parties, forbidden tactics, or rely on tech.

  • Data compliance, quality and accuracy is guaranteed in SLAs.
Zoom Info
  • Scan (often referred to as scrape) various online sources.
  • Buy data from other companies.
  • Acquire through market research surveys.
  • ZoomInfo Community: Users must install ZoomInfo software which accesses their email program to extract data.
  • History of acquiring other data companies to expand database.
  • Effectively perpetual use of data because ex-clients do NOT have to delete the data . Causes:
    • High bounce rates
    • Non-Compliance
    • Loss of reputation

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How compliant is the data from i-4business and ZoomInfo?

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  • Data subjects are fully informed how their data will be processed & with whom specifically, we will share that data with.

  • ALL clients receive any opt-outs every week, ensuring clients are abiding by the data subjects' marketing preferences.
Zoom Info
  • No control over compliance of data purchased from 3rd parties.
  • No control on compliance of data acquired through acquisition of other data companies. If data is simply integrated into their database, compliance, and quality is in doubt.
  • Opt-outs not passed onto clients. This immediately makes client use of the information non-compliant.
  • Intent data obtained from Bidstream which is user behaviour captured by an ad pixel and shared through ad exchanges – highly unlikely to be GDPR compliant.
  • Claim to send notification emails to all contacts but when tested this did not happen.
  • Profile held for i-4business contains fictitious contacts with falsified i-4b email addresses. Associated LinkedIn accounts clearly showed they had never worked for i-4business. 

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How do the user interfaces of the i-4business and ZoomInfo platforms stack up?

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  • Cloud based, on-demand resource.
  • Users love our friendly, intuitive UI.
  • Built specifically to meet the identified requirements of B2B sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Unlimited search/browse/navigate via uniquely comprehensive search capability.
  • Unlimited query and download of precisely targeted campaign list.
  • Unlimited use of the downloaded campaign lists for no additional fees
  • Fully customisable implementation – e.g. categorisations, etc
  • Campaign list & history management
Zoom Info
  • Users report some outdated data.
  • Navigation of ZoomInfo’s features can be confusing due to the platform being split into four smaller platforms: SalesOS, MarketingOS, TalentOS, and OperationsOS. Not all features are included within the different subscriptions at every price point. 
  • Reviewers complain that ZoomInfo is difficult to use and even harder to learn.
  • The search function is rated as poor and especially clunky.
  • Customer service appears to be a pain point for many ZoomInfo users. A significant number of reviews note that representatives are slow to respond to queries or when they do they are not that helpful.
  • Slow load speeds.
  • Files need to be cleaned up on export.

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Comparing the cost of i-4business and ZoomInfo

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  • Simple subscription service.
  • Competitive and transparent pricing for different levels of data access to suit your business requirements.

  • Flexible payment terms (typically monthly but quarterly and annual payment plans are available).

  • No additional fees.

Zoom Info
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS has three different subscription tiers, Professional, Advanced, and Elite. Each package comes with specific features that increase as the price does.
  • Typically, 24-month contract with payment is required upfront.
  • Very US-centric organisation.
  • Price depends on a number of variants such as how many credits you need, number of users, access type, and any extras you want to add.
  • Reviews mention that ZoomInfo’s representatives do not fully disclose pricing, resulting in expensive fees and overages.

Can you try before you commit with i-4business and ZoomInfo?

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Free 30-Day Trial to access our data for free. You’ll get 30 days full access to our entire EMEA database to look up as many contacts and companies as you want. No credit card is required and no commitment to continue past the 30 days.

Zoom Info

Only the Professional tier offers a free trial however ZoomInfo's website does not state trial period duration. People who have tried ZoomInfo state that it lasts for 14 days. If you grant ZoomInfo access to your business email account through the Community Edition program (see above regarding how this extracts your data), you can access the database for free for as long as you like. 

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"I have been using the i-4Business database at the last four organisations I have worked at. Why? Because they are one of very few agencies who provide the right business and IT influencers and decision makers across EMEA. I know I can trust their data, and there are not many providers of data for whom I can say that!”

Ikram Ghani

This analysis is based on information provided to us as of 14/8/23 (E & OE).