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Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Email Marketing Webinar

In this recent webinar, Tim Stevens, MD at
i-4business discusses the biggest mistakes made in B2B email marketing and how to avoid them. Topics covered include: Optimising subject lines, Email Personalisation Advice, Segmentation Tips & Clarity of your Call to Action. Featuring guest speaker, Andrew Roberts from MX Monitor.

B2B Data Compliance Guide

B2B Data Compliance Guide

It’s a fact, B2B data compliance is boring.  We know you’d probably rather watch paint dry than read about it but it’s something you really can’t afford to avoid. That’s why we’ve created this no-nonsense, in a nutshell guide which tells you everything to know in under 2 minutes!

20 Questions to Ask Before Buying B2B Data

20 Questions to ask before buying B2B data

Here’s the 20 must-ask questions you should ask before buying B2B data which will help you tell the bad from the good and determine the most appropriate B2B data provider for the needs of your business.

Best Practice: B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Best Practise Guide

A more in-depth best practice guide where we look at the powerful combination of B2B data and email marketing and how to use them in tandem to generate game-changing results from your B2B marketing campaigns.

At a Glance: Top Tips for B2B Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips

Filled with useful advice in an easy to digest format this 'at a glance' Best Practice Guide to B2B Email Marketing provides the ideal quick reference source to ensure the best results from your email marketing campaigns.

B2B Data Fitness Testing Assessment Example

Data Fitness Case Study

Our B2B Data Comparison Tool eliminates the need for long-winded paperwork to enable rapid, compliant, and secure exchange of data with your partner network for suppression or targeting purposes.

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Our Client Case Studies

If you'd like to know more about any of our clients we’ll happily provide you with our full client list. If you know someone on it you can, of course, contact them directly with no involvement from us otherwise we can provide you with phone numbers/email addresses for you to contact them directly enabling you to obtain full unbiased input.

17% Open Rates for RISKIQ

RiskIQ logo

i-4business provided RiskIQ with access to the 3,000 largest companies across EMEA within specific industry targets. On average 3 to 4 emails were sent each month to key IT Security & Risk Management contacts as Event/Webinar invitations and monthly newsletters achieving an open rate of 17%, with a form fill of 5% and average bounce rate of 1.5%.

30-50 high quality leads for MTI

MTI logo Dell

Using the i-4business database MTI were targeting IT contacts at 500+ seat companies across most verticals. Educational emails, event and webinar invitations were sent to potential prospects. Based on 20,000 emails sent, MTI achieved an open rate of 15-20% with an average click through of 4% and a 2% bounce rate. In 3 months, MTI created 30–50 high quality leads.

£70k new business for The Security Bureau

The Security Bureau Logo

Using i-4business data The Security Bureau targeted potential prospects at IT companies across most verticals with a series of email campaigns. They achieved a click through rate of around 32% with an email accuracy of 98%. Through these campaigns The Security Bureau created 10 high quality opportunities with a total pipeline revenue of over £70k in just a few of months.

86 high quality new leads for Osirium

Osirium Logo

Using the i-4business database Osirium targeted IT and Business contacts at companies with between 33 - 200 servers across most verticals. They sent educational emails, event and webinar invitations to potential prospects achieving an open rate of between 6-17% with an email accuracy of 95.7% and created 86 high quality leads.

How we helped CAE

CAE subscribe to our entire UKI database, in particular focussing on NHS organisations but also marketing to all other types of commercial companies. The contacts targeted tend to be on lower level IT basis such as IT Managers, IS Managers but also IT Infrastructure Managers.

How we helped Content+Cloud

Content And Cloud logo

Content+Cloud used the i-4business data for email campaigns, event promotions, and to attract new webinar attendees. 

Content+Cloud focused their campaigns on technology and IT companies, the area in which i-4business specialises, which made the partnership work from the outset.

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