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Are you managing all your B2B data properly? Our data support services provide you with the data management tools you'll need for using B2B data in your marketing campaigns.

Data Services

For 25 years we’ve been at the forefront of B2B data provision innovation with our data used for email campaigns throughout Europe. That’s why we’ve now partnered with data support experts, Blue Tortoise to provide a range of data management tools for any business using data in their marketing campaigns.

Data Fitness Assesment

Data Fitness Assessment

Data Comparison

Data Comparison Tool

Campaign Insight Reporting

Campaign Insight Reporting

Data Fitness Assesment
Data Fitness Assesment

Data Fitness Testing

Is your data fit for use?
Independent analysis of how you use all your data including:
  • What campaigns are running and how are they being run including frequency?
  • Who are the targets?
  • How campaigns are being segmented?
  • Accuracy, completeness and age: sampling of data against robust data sources for checking
  • Coverage: how well does your dataset match your target markets at company & contact level?
  • Duplication
  • Data Protection: method of processing, level of compliance of data with data regulations & policies

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Data Comparison
Data Comparison

Data Comparison Tool

Do you exchange data with your partner network?
Our Data Comparison Tool eliminates the need for long-winded paperwork to enable rapid, compliant, and secure exchange of data with your partner network for suppression or targeting purposes.
  • No data processing agreements needed
  • Provision of tools to end user to allow:
    • Hashing of email address (SHA-256 using a transaction-specific salt)
    • Extract of hashed email addresses in 2 parts, on domain & one individual part
  • Single-use, time-limited tools
  • Secure file transfer
  • Results report
Campaign Insights Report
Campaign Insight Reporting

Campaign Insight Reporting

What does your organisation's email marketing look like to your prospects?
Basic reports of opens, clicks, etc. are widely available but what about the impact on your target audience? Our Campaign Insight Reports provide a unique and independent assessment of your email campaigns from your prospects' point of view using ‘trackers’ to align to the geographies, industries, and departments targeted. 
  • How well information flows from engagement points (webinar registrations, newsletter subscriptions, file imports) into marketing databases
  • The speed with which prospects are engaged & frequency of communication with them
  • Whether the trackers get multiple emails on the same day (spam alerts)
  • How well emails engage with a prospect’s interests
  • Relevance of emails to prospect's role & their industry
  • The adequacy of the email content
  • Data breach security: seeded contacts specific to the customer 
  • Alerts: if anyone sends emails to those contacts
Data Fitness Assesment Case Study PDF

Data Fitness Assessment Example

What we did
Here are the results of a recent Data Fitness Assessment completed for a client:
  • Imported 64,826 records, 14 fields
  • Reviewed completeness of the data
    • Flagged possible corruptions and rubbish
  • Reviewed slippage
  • Checked age for sample of the data 
  • Reviewed company coverage
  • Analysed duplication in companies and contacts

Download the pdf to read the full assessment.

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