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Full Data Compliance Guaranteed for i-4Business enterprise B2B database

i-4Business GDPR Compliance

GDPR & ePrivacy Directive/PECR Compliance

  • i-4business is fully compliant with the GDPR in our collection, security, maintenance, sharing and control of personal information.
  • We are also compliant with the ePrivacy Directive/PECR and the draft version of the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation.
  • This means you may receive and fully utilise the email addresses, phone numbers and Postal addresses held in our B2B contact database for the purpose of direct marketing communications.

GDPR & UK, Post Brexit

  • GDPR replaced the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (European Directive 95/46/EC), strengthening the rights that EU individuals have over their data, and creating a uniform data protection law across Europe.
  • The UK government has made it clear that the GDPR will continue in force if the UK leaves the EU.
    i-4Business GDPR Compliance
    i-4Business ePrivacy

    ePrivacy Directive/PECR Compliance

    • Issued by the EU in 2002 to call for consent to be required for marketing communications via email, post and telephone.
    • Required individual countries to pass their own laws. UK law (PECR - Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations 2003), requires consent solely for consumer addresses, business email addresses are subject to opt-out only.

    • We gain consent from each data subject to SHARE information about them with our clients for them to send marketing communications to them via email.

      Our Compliance Processes

      Our processes demonstrate how we are compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy rules as well as our philosophy of total respect for each data subject and their rights.

      i-4Business Permission Process
      • Identify
        We identify new contacts to add from numerous sources.
      • Verify
        We employ a rigorous methodology to verify a fully accurate profile.
      • Consent
        We obtain consent for us to share a contact's professional contact information with our clients for marketing communications, including via email.
      • Inform
        All of the details are confirmed in an email. Any revisions to information or permission provided by the contact are applied immediately upon receipt.
      • Remind
        We remind the contact that their information is within our service and being shared with our clients for the stated purpose.It also reminds the contact how to opt out should they at any point wish not to continue.

      Our Key Principles of Compliance


      The rules call for the contact to be informed clearly and transparently that their contact information is being processed, the purpose of that processing, the identity of anyone with whom it will be shared, how long the data will be kept and how to opt out etc. We provide all this information to each contact on the telephone and via email and we provide it again every six months.


      Both GDPR and ePrivacy impose strict obligations to honour any subsequent opt-outs fully and promptly. We provide each individual with clear details of how to withdraw consent. Immediately any such communication is received, it is actioned and the information is then no longer visible. In addition, each client that has received that information is advised that the information should be promptly removed from their files and we follow up with each client to ensure removal has been actioned.

      Security & Control

      GDPR mandates that organisational and technical measures be in place to protect information from loss, damage (accidental or malicious) and unauthorised disclosure. It also requires us to be fully knowledgeable and aware of all actions against the information. Our rigorous security protocols ensure that we comply fully.


      A key requirement of the GDPR is that the information that is processed must be accurate and it must be maintained so that it remains accurate.We focus considerable energy, effort and management attention on ensuring the utmost accuracy, completeness and recency of the information which is reverified at least twice per year. As soon as we are aware that our information may be outdated, we suppress the contact from all use until the information can be brought up to date. Once we become aware that communications by our clients would no longer be relevant, the information is removed.

      Access Requests

      We maintain a single database and, thus, responding to a data subject access request is simple, straightforward and rapid. The only information held is professional detail sufficient to enable communications relevant to that individual. Every update performed to a record is permanently logged which enables us to provide details re the source of each value held. Every access by a client is permanently logged which enables us i) to identify every organisation with whom the information has been shared and ii) in the event of an opt-out, to ensure effective removal by each client.

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