Data Integrations for the i-4business enterprise B2B database

i-4Business Your Database

Instant access to fully compliant, high quality guaranteed B2B data from within your systems

Our contractual guarantees mean you can be confident our enterprise B2B database is truly excellent and our coverage is complete, but for us that's not enough. To deliver all of its potential, it needs to become YOUR database which can be accomplished by our integration applications outlined below.

These integrations provide instant access to the i-4business enterprise B2B contact database from within your systems with the ability to instantly update information.

We can also integrate with other marketing systems on a more customised basis, ensuring your database is always synchronised with i-4business!

i-4Business Sales Force Integration

Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce App allows the user to access the i-4business enterprise B2B database from within their own Salesforce. There are two parts to the application. You can use the i-4business Connector to match up existing data within your CRM and then seamlessly import new information against those records and you can use the i-4business Salesforce Tab to run a report of your target audience and then import specific records in as leads, contacts or accounts.

For more information check it out on AppExchange

i-4Business Data Integration

Custom Integration

You may well have a central CRM or Marketing Automation Tool from which you control all your communication programmes. In that case, we’ll synchronise i-4business with that system so that you have one, fully complete, always up-to-date data resource.

The synchronisation feed will contain every relevant organisation and contact – you define the criteria. Each month, you receive an update for every record that has changed plus every new record we have added that month. We transform that data from our style to yours.

You get your entire database updated every month, ensuring that the information you’re using in your Marketing Systems is always fully up-to-date and includes every organisation and person you want to target.

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Our enterprise B2B contact database for tech vendors has over 100 job roles just like Tony's, in 300 verticals and public sector organisations across EMEA with data guarantees for accuracy, completeness, recency and coverage in our SLAs. Sign up today for ZERO COST 30 days access!

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