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Reach the right people in the right organisations

Focused, targeted sales and marketing is essential for success, particularly in the field of technology so you need to precisely target ALL the right decision-makers in ALL the right organisations.

You want every message your business sends to be welcomed by every recipient. If you can achieve that then your audience will be more receptive and responsive which means your campaigns will be more successful.

Traditional data sources have offered poor quality and coverage in addition to lacking personal, business email address availability. Our online B2B contact database is specifically engineered to deliver the quality, coverage plus email availability that these other sources lack.

We deliver the marketing and sales B2B contact information you need exactly when and how you need it

Developed specifically for Technology Vendors

We work exclusively with technology vendors like you.

Our cloud based database platform was built specifically to meet the identified requirements of technology sector sales and marketing campaigns for actionable, compliant and accurate enterprise B2B contact information for Europe.

The fundamental prinicipal of our business has always been to deliver the most effective business database solution for technology vendors and it's why we remain dedicated to maintaining and delivering our B2B contact database exclusively with your needs and requirements as our priority.

Developed for Technology Vendors

GDPR Compliance Guaranteed

Guaranteed compliance with GDPR for your data. Not only are our methods and processes fully aligned with GDPR best practices, our strict compliance is unmatched in the industry.

EMEA Specialists

Enterprise EMEA Specialists

It’s not possible to be an expert in all regions across the globe – that's why we focus on EMEA, where we're strong.

Our online database platform specialises in providing the complete data solution for technology vendors focused on EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Our team; our language capability; our cultural understanding; our methodology – these are all EMEA-specific. Our native-speaking researchers deliver fluency in French, German, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Italian and Arabic, in addition to English. Most importantly having lived, been educated and worked in those countries, they fully understand their cultures ensuring we approach and interact with people and companies in those countries appropriately.

How we can help your with your data-driven marketing?

Marketing isn’t just about how many people you mail, it’s also about being relevant to each member of your audience, each time you communicate. Closely targeted messages are the only way to deliver content that is truly relevant to each recipient, if you're not relevant, you'll be ignored.

Precisely target all and only the right decision-makers in all the right organisations in real time with the leading EMEA business database which offers over 100 job roles in 300 verticals across the EMEA region.

Instantly access your specific target audience with intuitive tools providing a comprehensive selection capability to focus in on the most appropriate audience for each and every data-driven marketing campaign to ensure your marketing is precise, targeted and relevant.

Some of the key features & benefits of our B2B database platform

i4business geographic coverage

Geographic Coverage

i-4business is the complete solution for technology vendors focused on EMEA. It’s built and maintained by our in-house native speaking researchers providing fluency in all the languages of the region and having the cultural awareness to match.

i4business company coverage

Company Coverage

Comprehensive profiles on every Enterprise Organisation across EMEA with either sales revenue of at least $50M or 250+ employees as well as Public Sector organisations, regardless of size.

i4business information coverage

Information Coverage

Select the precise people you need. Key core roles are always researched in every organisation. Other key roles are researched if the organisation is in a relevant sector. Contacts are categorised across a total of 185 job roles to give you optimum granularity.

Our Data Methodology

Ours is a compiled business database, we specifically seek to identify all relevant organisations and then to identify all key roles within each organisation. We proactively search for the right people, we do not sit back and wait for them to crop up. To achieve our goal of unparalleled accuracy, completeness, coverage and recency of data our team use a unique, rigorous and immensely effective methodology:

  • Seek out additional relevant organisations
  • Re-verify the information we have
  • Seek to add any missing detail
  • Scan all sources for additional contacts
  • Re-verify the contacts we already have
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