Risk free enterprise B2B data with contractual guarantees in our SLAs

i4b Quality Assurance

You need to use our information to drive your sales and marketing campaigns without any worries and risk free as the audience judges you, not us, for any inaccuracies.

That's why we are obsessed about our data quality. Our team is judged not on numbers but on accuracy and completeness of data alongside compliance.

We provide you with a Service Agreement for your database subscription that has clear, unambiguous contractual commitments to the quality of our data to ensure you can have complete confidence that your marketing campaigns are reaching the right people in the right organisations every time.

What's more if we fall below any of our contractual guarantees you can immediately cancel your subscription at any time.

We know of no other intelligence provider that offers this level of quality assurance.

Data Quality Guaranteed

i4business Accuracy


You want your data absolutely right the first time, every time. There’s a saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” but we don't agree because as far as we’re concerned, it’s the small stuff that's critically important. Accuracy is all about the small details like spellings, exact job titles and salutations. That's why we focus on all of those small details, making sure everything is as accurate and correct as possible enabling us to confidently guarantee 95% accuracy.

i4business Completeness


You need the right details for every contact and every organisation. You want to know more than simply the basics about each organisation and each contact. For each contact, you want to know as much as possible, including email address, direct dial number, full job title, information on all responsibilities and roles, postal address, PA name/email/Direct Dial, etc. For each organisation, we deliver detailed information on size (sales revenue, employees, IT staff, #Servers, #PCs, #locations, #customers, comparative rankings), industry sector(s), HQ address/phone, parent/subsidiaries, etc.

i4business Coverage


You want to know that you can reach every organisation and every key decision maker/influencer within them. Our methodology is designed to achieve exactly that covering all the relevant organisations and contacts. We constantly scan for additional organisations that fit the enterprise sector criteria and painstakingly research each one and we're constantly searching for additional key personnel through a variety of media so we can confidently guarantee that we have that coverage.

i4business Recency


Ensuring the details are always up-to-date. We contractually guarantee that all contact information is researched again at least twice per year and some contacts will be revisited far more often than that. We contractually guarantee that all company information will be updated every year in line with fiscal year-ends.

i4business Deliverability


it's imperative that your messages reach the intended audience. We take pains to gather all the important details: postal address, email address, direct dial and PA’s email address. Our guarantee is for 95% deliverability and we guarantee any delivery errors will be corrected within agreed deadlines.

i4business Service


Making sure our technology and team support you all the way. Our guaranteed uptime is 99%, not only that we guarantee to provide a diagnosis and solution to any problems within tightly defined limits.

Cancel immediately if we fall below our KPIs

Maximise the ROI on your marketing campaigns by using real time, guaranteed accuracy data. And you can do that with full confidence knowing you can cancel your contract at anytime if we fall below any of our contractual KPIs. Still not sure? Sign up for a 30 Day Free Subscription Account to personally verify the quality of our data.

Clear, unambiguous commitments providing you with complete peace of mind for your business data

If we fall below any of our contractual KPIs, then you can cancel your database subscription at any time.

  • All data is checked and adjusted where necessary at least twice per year with accuracy and completeness levels of at least 91%.
  • At least 90% of email addresses provided by the database are correct.
  • At least 90% of email address errors are investigated, and corrected where possible, within 5 (five) working days of receipt by i-4business, subject to volumes.
  • 95% of “gone-aways” are investigated, and corrected where possible, within 10 (ten) working days of receipt by i-4business, subject to volumes.
  • System availability will be at least 96% between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 on all normal UK business days.
  • Support is available from 09:00 to 17:00 on all normal UK business days and, initial diagnosis of client queries is within 2 (two) working hours with resolutions normally within 24 hours.

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GDPR Compliance Guaranteed

Guaranteed compliance with GDPR for your data. Not only are our methods and processes fully aligned with GDPR best practices, our strict compliance is unmatched in the industry.

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