Tim Stevens
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

4 Ways To More Effectively Reach your Target Market

How to Reach your Target Market

Low click rates? Unopened emails? Executing successful marketing campaigns is a tricky business. You know you need to reach your target market, but who are they, where can you reach them and how?

Before you even begin your next marketing campaign, you need a solid understanding of your target market. Your content and campaign should be built around their needs, otherwise, it has little chance of success.

Here are 4 ways you can reach your target market more effectively.

1. Determine who needs your product/service and why? Allocate some time to learn more about your target audience; their needs, emotional and logical buying behaviours, and how you can satisfy them in a way that's better than other suppliers. This information is fundamental to reaching your target market. 

2. By developing personalised, cross-channel campaigns you can engage prospects across email, the web, and mobile which will help you grow your business and boost your marketing ROI. To do this successfully you will need to match:

  • Industry Sectors
  • Companies
  • Indices
  • Websites
  • Services
  • Key technology platform
  • Country and language
  • Locations
  • Job roles (primary, plus all contacts)
  • Full name and salutation
  • Email and DDI

3. You will need to use a database that provides this information. This will allow you to build your campaign around your target audience and successfully deliver it to them. It guarantees that each and every time you communicate, you are speaking with a decision-maker who is open to conversation and has a need for your product or service.

However, creating your own exhaustive database and keeping it relevant, compliant, and up-to-date can be extremely hard work and costly. That's why it makes sense to consider using an on-demand business database. For example, all of the i-4business data is meticulously gathered in-house by our team of native researchers and as a result, we can guarantee complete coverage of EMEA to ensure we provide you with a synchronised, continually up-to-date resource.

4. The more you can niche down your audience and fine-tune your content to match their needs, the more success you will have. Marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor).  Once you’ve defined your target audience you need to segment it. You need a database platform that enables you to then segment the data, whether it's filtering by region, size or turnover, verticals, company, or job title, to create as many individual niche audiences as you can. This makes sure you address the right contacts in the right companies with the right messaging and this will help make your message more impactful to drive results.

For example, should you wish to penetrate a specific technology sector overseas, you can manipulate an on-demand database to generate a list of suitable businesses including locations, industries, size demographic, primary contacts, etc. within your target country/market. This strategy gives you the ability to target precisely who you wish and instantly access your target audience – eliminating one of the biggest marketing challenges: penetration. Empowered with detailed, drilled-down information your campaigns will connect, resonate and achieve your business goals.

We are so confident about our sales and marketing data that we offer a 30-Day Free Account which provides full access to our on-demand database. This lets you properly evaluate our platform and our data by using it for live campaigns with no financial commitment and no obligation to continue. Why not see for yourself how effective prospecting really is, without bad data tying one hand behind your back?

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