Tim Stevens
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

5 tips on how to stand out using video marketing

Most marketers understand the power of video. Not only does Google own YouTube and heavily prioritises its content, but video content gets over 50% more engagement than static images. Therefore using more video is valuable for SEO and to get more engagement from your social media content.

But, you should probably be using it more broadly than that too as we will discuss here.

5 tips for video marketing

Here are 5 new ways you can get more out of video content, including, you guessed it, in your emails.

1.    Email marketing campaigns

Video is a fantastic way to engage cold leads in your email marketing campaigns. However, it’s important that you target the right audience, segment your data properly, and personalise each video for its recipient to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

2.    Email broadcasts

Perhaps you also regularly update your customers or other stakeholders via email. In this instance a video can work wonders to engage these people when you have information to broadcast and the same message can go out to all.

There’s now also much better ways than inserting YouTube or Vimeo links in your emails that people have to redirect too. We can show you how to organically insert your videos into your emails – ask the i-4b team.

3.    Proposals

If you email proposals out to prospects why not include a video in your email to talk your prospect through the proposal and to provide any additional information that you’d normally write out in the email body? Again, this drives engagement and gives it a more personal touch helping the prospect to identify with you and your company even more.

Better still, you could make the entire proposal a video showing a blend of product information, pricing, and yourself discussing each aspect of the proposal. Again, we have access to tools that can do this for you. You can then send the content via email or another digital channel.

4.    Email discussions

So, you’ve sent your proposal or you need to discuss the progress of a project with a customer, why not do so via video rather than traditional text? Answer their questions via video, encourage them to reply with a video, and get your message across clearer and with more of your personality shining through. After all, we’ve all misinterpreted a written email haven’t we?

5.    Direct mail

Not many of your fellow marketers may have thought of sending an interactive video physically within a piece of direct mail. This is something that really works. Again, take the time to target properly and deliver personalised content. Make sure you’ve got current, accurate and effective data given many people are now working from home and aren’t yet back at their main offices. Many people will also have moved jobs.

So whilst it’s not the perfect time to be sending out direct mail, it is a good time to conduct a free data audit and plan a direct mail campaign with video at its core for the upcoming move back towards normality.

It’s time to stand out

These are our current top 5 tips on how to stand out using video marketing in ways that you may not have previously considered. Give these a go but make sure you get all your planning done ahead of time in terms of your strategy, target audience, data and content.

To help you with data, we’re now offering a free account for 30 days. You can sign up here today. Or for more information please call the team on 01252 367400.

Additionally, please contact us if you want any more advice on any of the strategies discussed here, the team will be more than happy to help.

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