Tim Stevens
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Comparison: i-4business vs Lusha

We recently published an article to show you what sets i-4business apart from our competitors which included The Top 7 Reasons to Choose i-4business Over the Competition. Now we’re going to look at individual competitors in more detail in a series of follow up articles to help you choose the right data partner for you.

When choosing a data provider it’s important to understand their processes and the work that goes on behind the scenes to harvest legal, compliant and effective data. Here we look at Lusha and how they compare to us.

segmentation targeting data

The data

Lusha scan public sources to obtain their data. They own unique algorithms that perform daily scans to acquire the information. The algorithm then cross checks data from multiple sources and combines numerous data points to create one business contact or company profile.

Lusha also have a community made up of members, customers and stakeholders who share their professional networks with Lusha in exchange for extra credits to use to obtain more data themselves or to access premium features. With this kind of approach the system is open to abuse which could impact data quality. How many contributors are potentially submitting incorrect or falsified data to get more rewards?

Lusha also buy data from third parties such as Crunchbase.

Lusha’s database comprises of millions of profiles which looks like a positive on the surface but it again raises questions about how they can manage a database of that size effectively to ensure quality and accuracy.

Lusha therefore take a very different approach to us when it comes to acquiring data.

We have a full in-house research team of native speakers who do all the work when it comes to gathering our data. We don’t rely on technology. This ensures accuracy and quality.

We also own all our data. We’re not aggregators and we buy no data from external sources.

When you compile a database like we do it ensures quality, accuracy, relevancy and more complete data.

Crowdsourced databases like Lusha’s simply rely on public information being accurate.

Adopting a hands-on, thorough and people-led process gives us a high quality and compliant database. Lusha on the other hand will be unable to offer you that guarantee.

Let’s look at compliance next…

The legalities

According to Lusha, before adding any contact data, when applicable by law, each professional receives a notification with instructions on how to manage, update, delete, or remove their profile.

We share with our users the date that their prospect was notified of their existence in our database, when applicable. This allows prospects to answer any questions about how their contact information was obtained.”

They enable individuals to opt-out of their database via a self-removal form but they don’t obtain opt-in in the first place which is required for compliance across many European countries.

They also don’t pass on opt-outs to their customers which means they could still be marketing to people who’ve opted out causing a compliance issue. Nor do they provide updates when specific contact records change. This means their data can quickly become outdated and therefore inaccurate alongside the compliance issues.

In addition, they don’t screen their UK data against the TPS/CTPS service leading more compliance problems.

They also provide very little information on the consent they get to add contacts to their database. Their GDPR compliance information is very vague, and as we’ve mentioned. As a customer it would therefore fall on you to ensure compliance before you use their data.

Lusha also collects personal email addresses (B2C) which without an opt-in (for every country) is not compliant, so be wary if you’re considering buying their B2C data.

As they don’t own 100% of their data more accuracy and compliance issues are also likely to be present, negatively impacting their clients’ compliance and campaign effectiveness.

Our i-4business database is the only opt-in database available. This makes our data the most GDPR compliant in the industry.

The buying process

Lusha operates a credit-based pricing system. You pay for access upfront and are allocated credits for the year. You can purchase additional credits if needed at any time. There’s no flexibility in terms of other commercial models or pricing.

When making an enquiry with Lusha you are passed through multiple people in their organisation so they can qualify you as a prospect. You won’t have one point of contact. Their entire approach is focused on what Lusha wants from you rather than them providing you with the information that you want as a potential customer.

It’s difficult to get any information regarding GDPR compliance at this stage or how they collect and manage their data. 

At i-4business we support you by providing an experienced support team who are there when you need them, at the beginning of your journey with us and throughout. They have the experience and the knowledge that’s required. They know the data laws so you don’t have to and they can also support you with marketing advice – they know what works.

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