Tim Stevens
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Measuring Your True Email Marketing Performance

This year the focus on email marketing has increased and this comes as no surprise with most office workers currently working remotely. People have become much more dependent on email with read and click rates surging as people have a bit more time to read emails and it’s become more difficult to reach contacts over the phone. In fact, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months as a result.

Whilst this is significant as a headline figure, there is more that businesses need to do to truly understand the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

Inside The Mind Of The B2B Tech Buyer

Companies mainly measure email marketing success using the information that their internal tools provide them with. The number of emails sent out, the number of campaigns that are set up, the proportion of the marketing database used, email opens, clicks, registrations, and a count of opportunities created as a direct result of a campaign.

But how do companies measure the adequacy of the email marketing content, the alignment of the content to the interests of the recipients, its relevance to their role and the organisation's industry, or the impact of other emails from other departments? All of these elements, and many more, will have a substantial impact on the success of any given email marketing campaign.

Introducing MX: Monitor

MX: Monitor have a long standing reputation for helping marketing departments in high technology companies in the use of hard data to measure department effectiveness. But one angle that is still missing is the evaluation of the experience of the recipients – the target audience.

That’s why MX: Monitor developed a solution to help companies access these critical parameters.

MX: Monitor ‘trackers’ align to the geographies, industries and departments that a campaign targets. By monitoring the way a campaign actually engages with recipients it can report on:

How well information flows from engagement points (webinar registrations, newsletter subscriptions, file imports) into marketing databases

The speed with which prospects are engaged

The frequency of communication with them

Whether the trackers get multiple emails on the same day (spam alerts)

How well emails engage with a prospect’s interest

How relevant the emails are to the prospect's role and their organisation's industry

The adequacy of the email content

How it works with i-4business

The I-4business data platform enables customers to precisely filter down the data to their target audience – which is a must, but the content sent to that target audience is equally relevant, which is where MX: Monitor comes in.

Together these solutions provide marketers with all they need to maximise their chances of email marketing success.

MX: Monitor are now offering customers of I-4business a free taster of their services so that they can see how they can work in tandem.

There are just 10 free tasters available, so those interested will need to contact the I-4business team quickly to take advantage of this.


As a result of the pandemic, email marketing is on the increase. In fact, 35% of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week. And while it’s simple to see basic reports of opens, clicks, registrations etc. what about the crucial aspect of the impact on the target audience?

Our partner MX: Monitor have a game-changing solution to reveal the true impact of email marketing campaigns and are now offering free trials to i-4business customers. Hurry though, there’s only 10 available…

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