Tim Stevens
Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Taking our data further with lead generation services

High quality data is fundamental to the success rate of B2B marketing campaigns, that's why we're so passionate about about our data quality. Our team is measured not on numbers but on accuracy and completeness of data alongside compliance.

But, what you do with quality data is also critical if you want to see the best results. More leads = more sales. To drive growth, you need more leads. 

“B2B lead generation is easy.” Said no one ever, right? 

Without doubt, generating B2B sales leads is no walk in the park. That’s why we developed a range of lead generation services for our customers which help take their data further by creating solid, leads for them.  

Think of it as the logical follow-on from our data, it’s the conduit between buying data and generating sales. Our innovative lead generation team adopts a strategic and focused approach based on a proven methodology to deliver qualified leads based on your pre-defined customer type.

How we generate leads for our clients

Here’s a brief summary of the process we use:

1.     Create data repository

We build, maintain, and grow data lists for you based on your pre-defined ideal customer type. This allows us to target exactly the right people at the right time.

2.     Top of the funnel management

We have a number of sources to identify key prospects and decision makers. We identify and monitor website traffic, online sources where people of interest visit, and trade press sources.

We also follow and monitor relevant social media profiles so we’re always in the know about what’s happening in your marketplace, and with key contacts. From this we then develop the rest of the sales funnel and the marketing strategy.

3.     Pipeline management

Once we’ve created your sales funnel and strategy we get to work and manage every stage of a prospect lifecycle from the top, to the middle, to the bottom of the funnel.

We make prospects aware of your offering through using tools such as blogs, infographics, social media and podcasts, for example. Then we help them evaluate your offering with content such as downloads, educational resources and webinars. Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, we convert prospects into warm leads ready for your sales team to close. We do this by providing further product information, demonstrations, events or any other method that fits your products and services.

4.     Research and nurture

Throughout this entire process our research team make regular telephone calls to validate information and gather more data. The technical team monitor and evaluate all current prospects until the point where they are ready for your sales team to make contact. We also offer bespoke research strategies and use AI to complement our people and the core data they’re gathering.

5.     CRM integration

Essentially this service involves us becoming an extension of your marketing team and to make the relationship as slick and seamless as possible we can also integrate your data directly into your CRM so that you’re always up to date.

6.     ‘Red carpet’ handover

When the time comes for us to pass a lead to your sales team we make sure we do it as effectively and professionally as possible so the customer experience is positive and to ensure your sales team pick up new opportunities quickly.

We can qualify prospects on the phone and then transfer live calls over to your team, make email introductions, or use any other form of communication that suits you and your operations.

Exclusively available to i4b subscribers, our Lead Gen Services can be added to any i4b data subscription on a per project or pay monthly add-on basis.

What kind of results can you expect?

Take a look at the results from a recent client lead generation campaign.

Client: Leading Storage Provider

Task: To deliver 1000 leads across EMEA (preference on C level DMs) IT Director and senior DMs in Datacentre, Storage Architecture, Devops

Target: Companies with 1000+ staff in Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Automotive.

Campaign Type: Content Syndication 

Campaign Details: Promoted client asset to the i4b database and 1 million subscribers of our media partner. Created landing page, social outreach, email & advertising banner for our media partners website.

Campaign Duration: 2 months

Campaign Results:  1,043 leads from 14 countries. Most coming from UK, FR & DE. Over 60% senior DMs


And there's more

Aside from this primary process we can also provide the following as part of our lead generation service.

•  Tailored engagement with prospects of interest

•  Enhanced engagement with companies of interest

•  Nurturing of your key contacts

•  Campaign Specific Add-on Services including:

   - Content Syndication

   - Content Creation

   - Webinar Registrations

   - Sponsored Articles

   - Email Campaigns

   - Social Media.

We also provide full accountability for all research and nurturing of companies and prospects. We will only provide leads that meet our pre-agreed lead criteria to ensure that your sales team are always focused on the best, most genuine opportunities.


Find out more

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our lead generation services then talk with one of our support team, on 01252 367400 or you can email support@i4b.com

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