Tim Stevens
Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Role of the Researcher: How We Own Our Data

our data is only as good as our people

Our researchers do all of our research, we never use automated tools. Automation only goes so far and we see data as either right or wrong. We make sure our data is 100% right, 100% of the time thanks to our fully hands-on research team. This is critical for us to continue to operate at a high standard to make sure our data is not only top quality and effective, but also the most compliant in the industry. It's also the reason why we're the only intelligence provider we know of who offers a contractual guarantee for the accuracy, compliance and recency of all our data.

We work with the ethos that ‘quality is free’ as our team are committed to getting it right first time. Catching and correcting errors is always more expensive than getting it right in the first place which is why we have such stringent quality control measures. This effectively allows us to provide quality data without charging more than the industry standard. A win-win for us and our clients.

Ownership, ownership, ownership!

We’ve been providing our data services for over 25 years so it’s safe to say we have well-refined, proven processes to help our researchers achieve the results that they do. 

We also know the importance of data compliance and effectiveness. You want your data to be legally and responsibly sourced and you need it to provide a return on investment. For this reason it’s a non-negotiable for us to own our own data. That’s why we only use humans to source data, never automation, and we don’t buy it in from any third parties. Ownership of our data in this way is critical for quality control.

Who are i-4business researchers?

Our team of researchers are always full time employed by us and based in the UK. All our researchers are native speakers - we're the only international marketing database who can say that. The team currently work in 9 languages including French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian and Swedish, in addition to English, as we provide data across all of Western Europe. 

When a researcher joins us they undertake a rigorous 3-month training programme with one of our highly experienced research managers before they begin making contact with companies.

The day-to-day

We continually monitor our researchers to ensure they adhere to our quality control measures. We also have automated systems to help highlight errors, omissions, or inconsistencies.

Our researchers spend most of their time on the phone conducting telephone interviews to verify existing contact information, to update it when necessary, and to obtain new information for new contacts. When necessary, they also use public sources of information to aid them in their data verification processes.

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Hopefully this article has helped you understand what goes into creating our B2B data in more detail and the vital role all our researchers play.

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