Tim Stevens
Friday, April 30, 2021

Word of Mouth Marketing: Why It’s So Important

our data is only as good as our people

At i-4business we’re always happy when we get new business through word of mouth marketing. Thankfully, this happens a lot. And it’s not down to fortune, it’s down to our behaviour and the culture we’ve instilled into our teams to deliver the best customer service possible to each and every customer that’s trusted us to be their data partner.

The longer a customer stays with you the more important it is that you retain your customer service standards whilst continuing to look for ways to do things even better. If you look after your existing customers they will recommend you to others who are looking for a service like yours, that’s how word of mouth marketing works.

What is word of mouth marketing?

It’s essentially your customers marketing your business on your behalf after a positive experience of using your products or services.

It doesn’t involve any advertising or paid partnerships so it’s a free way to get new business just by doing a great job and what’s right by your existing customers.

How it’s evolved

Social media has made word of mouth marketing explode. Think about your experience as a consumer at restaurants or events. A lot of people post about the great things they’re experiencing on their social channels and share where they are.

Their friends then direct message them asking if they would recommend it or ask for more information. Then they go to experience the same and expect the same level of service/entertainment. Then they share it with their friends. And on it goes.

It works the same way in the B2B world it’s just a bit less obvious. People love receiving recommendations from trusted sources, it gives them a better chance of not selecting a poor supplier.

With the amount of networking events now in operation, the growth in popularity of LinkedIn, and newly adopted technology by the masses such as Zoom enabling us to reach even more people despite the pandemic, only intensifies the importance of word of mouth marketing.

Nielsen reported that 92% of people trust suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. That says it all.

Word of mouth marketing is free and more effective than paid marketing and advertising. You just need to do the right thing time and time again and then you can reap the rewards of word of mouth marketing.

Keep your customers happy, always

That was our ethos when we first started i-4business over 25 years ago, and it still is.

In fact, for our first 15 years we ONLY focused on word of mouth marketing for new business. We didn’t spend on traditional advertising or any paid marketing channels, we solely focused on creating a great product and backing it up with top-class customer service.

What happened? We got referral after referral and grew the business quickly that way.

We still see word of mouth marketing as pivotal in supporting our ongoing growth and at the centre of that is of course looking after all our existing customers and continuing to better our product and our offering.

In our case that means always making sure our data is compliant, up to date and effective, and making it readily available on our platform.

Then, we look after all our customers forever like they only joined us yesterday. We back this up with efficient and effective account management to make sure customers are getting the best possible value and return on investment from our data.

Are you looking for a new audience to impress?

Word of mouth marketing builds up over time. If you want to access a new sector, new individuals or new companies now, data is the way to get the access that you need to make a quick impression and build your reputation at pace.

You can find out more about how we can help here or register for a free account with us today. Alternatively, please call our expert team on 01252 367400 to find out more.

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