Tim Stevens
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Adventures of Data Dave! A Horror Story

Not for the first time in Dartmoor, a nightmare was unfolding in a dreary office late one October night. It’s a well-known story that many a marketing professional will be familiar with…

Plagued by past catastrophic campaigns, the ghosts of working with bad data continued to haunt her. But for this one, weary marketing manager, the tale could hardly be any more distressing. For she has managed countless chaotic campaigns that have not only generated no results, but have also cost the company a lot of money and harmed their reputation.

Bad data causes long-lasting torment for marketers who spend a career creating campaigns that look solid, but then fail as they just can’t get the message in front of the right people.

segmentation targeting data

Losing money and potential sales can keep even the most optimistic marketers up late at night.

The ghosts of ghastly campaigns don’t go away on their own. You must exorcise them proactively, and quickly.

The problem is, how does our marketing manager know where to turn next for effective, reliable, compliant data? After all, she’s been let down so many times before. False promises add to the demons over time and it can seem that there’s no escape.

The sense of imprisonment can sometimes be even worse for some if they’ve been dictated to by their head office overseas to use certain data providers. Locked into using data that’s not effective and likely non-compliant can be the biggest nightmare of all.

One lonely night

Our marketing manager is the last person in the office and all the lights have been switched off, except for the small, dim lamp at her workstation. You could hear a pin drop in the middle of the dark office and the eerie environment felt like it was there to stay.

For weeks she had been working on the specifics of her new marketing campaign and the company had spent a vast amount of money on copywriting, design and internal workshops.

As always, something big was missing. Where was the data going to come from? Without the right data all her good work up to now would be for nothing. Like all good marketing managers, she knows that no matter how good the campaign looks and no matter how good the creative is, if she can’t get it in front of the right people it will have no impact. No impact = no results.

Despite this, she knows the company always use the same data provider regardless of past performance.

She pauses over the final click of the button, should she really risk it?

Then out of nowhere she hears a whooshing sound and a spot of light appears at her side.

Is it another ghost coming to haunt her, or is it some sort of saviour?

She turns and looks closely. Slowly a cape begins to appear. She’d heard the rumours, but thought that’s all they were.

Is there really a data superhero that can save her?

There is, and he’s here.

It’s Data Dave to the rescue!

Data Dave is the data superhero who makes sure all your marketing efforts around creating your campaign aren’t in vain by ensuring your data doesn’t let you down. 


Data Dave instantly saves the day by offering:

·        Access to every decision maker across all enterprise organisations in EMEA

·        The largest depth of enterprise contacts in the industry

·        Instant 24/7 access with real time data updates and precise filtering

·        Full data compliance with GDPR & ePrivacy

·        Simple subscription service with a fixed monthly fee

·        30 days FREE!

Our marketing manager is now safe and primed for a successful campaign. Best of all, she has found out about i-4business. This has eliminated all the ghosts of her past and protected her from the reoccurrence of marketing nightmares in the future.

The moral of the story…

If you want to avoid a horror story of your own, use i-4business.

You won’t be surprised to hear that this isn’t Data Dave’s first success story! Watch him in action here:


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