Tim Stevens
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Adventures of Data Dave! A Christmas Wish

His family had been asking him for his Christmas list, but for marketing manager Rob boozy advent calendars and new clothes are far from his mind. As the new year gets closer he just couldn’t stray his mind from what he desperately wanted to achieve at work.

Despite the winter nights drawing in, after a tough two years with a lot of ups and downs things were starting to feel a lot brighter for Rob. Eventually he had received a new marketing budget, one nearly as big as before, and he was raring to go. Determined to make 2022 the company’s best year yet for winning new business all he really wants for Christmas is to create one hugely successful marketing campaign. One that leaves all his past campaigns in the shadows.

The problem is Rob knows only too well that a strong budget is only effective if invested wisely but knowing what he needs doesn’t mean it’s easy to acquire. He’s got a creative team to design, write and produce all elements of the campaign. He knows his target audience and where he needs to focus his paid media spend but he still can’t be sure he’s going to reach the right people. He knows from experience that he needs to proactively get his message in front of his target audience through effective outbound/direct marketing, but he also only too aware that he doesn’t have an audience. His email list is too small and any data he’s purchased in the past has been a huge disappointment.

segmentation targeting data

A Christmas Chasm

Rob knows that even with the best content and a perfectly structured campaign it will all be in vain if he sends it to bad data. That means Rob has a problem. Where can he look for effective, reliable, and compliant data? After all, he knows the pitfalls of getting this decision wrong won’t just cost revenue. The company could be liable for big penalties, and he could be putting its entire reputation on the line if he ends up with non-compliant data.

A Christmas Wish

What Rob really wants for Christmas is high-quality data that’s compliant and delivers. It’s all he needs to complete his 2022 marketing plan and finalise his campaigns. He knows that not only will this help his performance at work, as good data leads to successful marketing campaigns, it will also take a huge weight off his shoulders personally. Then he can switch off and enjoy Christmas with his family without distraction this year. His plan will be complete, and he will be ready to sail into 2022 on the crest of a wave. But he needs to get everything in place ahead of time…

A Christmas Miracle

Whilst we all know that the elves are already busy working away in Santa’s workshop preparing to make Christmas dreams come true for people all over the world, what isn’t so widely known is that there are data elves at i-4business who are also busy creating a database full of contact information acquired by real researchers and provided by a company that owns all its data to ensure reliability and quality. This is a database which could make Rob’s Christmas wish come true but it’s Santa’s busiest time of the year so how can his dream gift be delivered to him?

Data Dave

Never fear Data Dave, the data superhero with the power to make the Christmas wishes of every marketing manager across the land come true, was at hand to save the day! One night as Rob sat at his desk deep in his thoughts, he glanced across the room where he saw a bearded man appear, but it wasn’t a white beard, it was Data Dave!

Data Dave, our trusty data hero knew exactly how to bring Rob everything he wanted for Christmas this year by providing:

·        Access to every decision maker across all enterprise organisations in EMEA

·        The largest depth of enterprise contacts in the industry

·        Instant 24/7 access with real time data updates and precise filtering

·        Full GDPR data compliance

·        Simple subscription service with a fixed monthly fee

·        30 days FREE!

So, the moral of our festive tale is that Christmas miracles can and do come true! With Data Dave to the rescue, Rob was able to find his dream data partner and so can you. If you’d like to see what Dave Dave was able to do for Rob then you can see him in action here.

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