Tim Stevens
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Marketing Lessons From 2020

2020 has been very different and challenging for most and it’s in these challenges that we can learn the most. We’ve had to learn to adapt and do things differently, especially when it comes to marketing a business.

A lot of things that worked in 2019 suddenly became redundant strategies. Those who’ve moved and pivoted will have survived, and even thrived. Those who didn’t will still be playing catch up. More than ever you can’t sit still and rely on what’s always worked when it comes to marketing.

Marketing Review for 2020

Here we will explore the fundamental shifts in marketing activity in 2020 and the subsequent lessons that we’ve seen first-hand. You can take these forward to overcome the challenges we’re still going to be facing over the coming months.

The resurgence of email

People have become much more dependent on email as a means of business communication during the pandemic. We’ve seen it remain the number one channel for marketers to generate leads and new business. Read and click rates have surged as people have a bit more time and are finding it more difficult to reach contacts over the phone with more people working remotely.

Events were no more

Before we knew it large conference centres became hospitals. A stark warning that relying on exhibitions to be your main lead generation source wasn’t going to work. Smart companies began moving their exhibitions budget to other marketing channels and activity to try and fill their events lead generation gap.

Limited face to face meetings

During lockdown and under the tightest local restrictions face to face meetings just weren’t possible. We had a bit of a reprieve from the virus over summer that led to the possibility of some face to face meetings but that was short lived. If you relied on face to face meetings to close all your new business you had to adapt and do something different.

Flexible sales processes

The world moved onto Zoom and Teams and these types of platforms have become essential to the sales process and making things happen. Again, those who embraced this and adapted fast will now be in a better position as a result.

Reaching the right people became more challenging

A lot of people are on furlough, have had to take redundancy, or have taken up new challenges during the pandemic. Your contact book is likely out of date.

It’s going to be important to make sure your data is up to date moving forward.

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The overarching lesson

Simply for us it’s don’t get stuck in your ways – become open minded when it comes to your marketing. Try new things and move budgets to new activities if you need to. Find ways to be more agile with your marketing and be prepared for the unexpected. Be ready to shift when you need to in the future.

Is it time to refresh your data and use new marketing channels?

The simplest way to get back on track is to get some new data and make contact with your target audience that way.

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