Tim Stevens
Monday, February 21, 2022

The Importance of Using Native Language

It may sound obvious, yet it’s often overlooked – you need to communicate to your customers in their native language to achieve best results.

Sure, in some European countries your audience might speak fluent English, but did you know that 40% of people won’t buy from you if you’re not communicating to them in their native language?

That’s a hard fact and one that’s sure to get your attention. What’s more, 56% of people in foreign countries either boycott English-language URLs altogether, or spend more time on sites written in their native language.

People want their country, culture and their language respected. You need to invest the time and resources to communicate to them in their native language, even if the majority of your audience can speak English.

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Use native language across the board

It’s important to address all of your marketing communications, not just specific aspects of your campaigns. You could send out an email to your contacts in Spain in Spanish but this won’t be as effective as it could be if you then direct them to an English website.

You need to consistently use your audience’s native language across all your communications. That’s your emails, websites, product documentation, advertisements, social media campaigns and any other marketing channels that you use. Even if your target prospects tend to use English as their business language, use their native language if you want to have a bigger impact. Plus, if most of your competitors are communicating solely in English, changing your communications to native language will help you stand out.

This takes work but you can perfect things over time. 65% of people prefer content in their own language – even if it’s of poor quality. Don’t let perfection get in the way of doing things the right way as quickly as you can.


The potential impact

Research suggests that native language email campaigns could give you as much as a 2500% increase in ROI.

That’s why at i-4business we choose to use expert translation providers for our own compliance emails despite employing many in-house native speakers within our research team.


How we can help

If you don’t have access to a translation provider please just ask us for a recommendation and we will be happy to introduce you to some options. If you want to make a request for more information simply fill in our contact form.

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