Tim Stevens
Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Power of Content Syndication

A lot of time and effort goes into creating great content for your brand. Whether that be blogs, videos, imagery or audio content, it’s important to get all the value you can out of it. Content syndication allows you to boost your content’s performance in a bid to increase traffic and therefore potential new leads. Here we will look at what content syndication is, how it works, how to do it, and the benefits of it when it’s done right.

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What is content syndication?

Simply put, content syndication is republishing a piece of content on different websites/media to which it was first published. Essentially the purpose is to get your content in front of a new audience of readers and potential customers. It also benefits the publication republishing it as it’s new information for their audience that they can publish quickly and easily.

How does content syndication work?

As with all content marketing, there’s certain aspects of content syndication that you need to get right to make sure you see the benefits not the drawbacks, especially around SEO. As you’re no doubt aware, Google doesn’t like duplicate content so there are specific guidelines you should follow which we will look at here.

Content syndication best practices

Firstly, the new publisher should state at the head of the piece that the content was originally published elsewhere. They should state the name of the publication or the author and provide a link to the original piece. This lets readers and search engines know that it is syndicated content and gives the original author credit. Some publications may also want to say that the author/original publisher has given permission for them to republish the content. Putting similar statements in the meta description is also a popular way to notify readers and search engines that the content is syndicated.

Content syndication & SEO

The above best practices will help you avoid duplicate content punishment. Another key SEO element is the references (links) in the piece. If your content has plenty of internal links running through it when you syndicate that content you will benefit. These are additional referral channels and allow you to benefit from the website’s authority as they are strong backlinks too.

It’s always a good idea to syndicate content on a website with more authority than yours and more traffic. Depending on the guidelines of individual publications you may or may not be able to include multiple links within the text, however you will already be benefitting if they link to the content as you originally published it, which as we’ve said should always be the case.

What are the benefits of content syndication?

The main benefits for you will depend on your content marketing strategy.

Speaking of strategy, nearly 80% of B2B marketers report having a content marketing strategy, but only 43% have documented their strategy. That number jumps to 60% among the most successful companies (B2B Content Marketing 2021 Report). So you can see the importance of putting a strategy in place around your content.

When thinking about your strategy, what are your primary goals for your content marketing?

The top five most common content marketing goals in 2020 were:

·        Creating brand awareness (87%)

·        Building credibility/trust (81%)

·        Educating audiences (79%)

·        Generating demand/leads (75%)

·        Building loyalty with existing customers/clients (68%)

(B2B Content Marketing 2021 Report. Source: IMPACT)

Content syndication can help with any or all of these common marketing goals. Primarily by getting you in front of a new, hopefully larger audience, and when done right, increasing traffic to your site through link clicks, and through improved SEO.

As with all marketing your first job is to identify your target audience, including the information they need to know, their desires, interests and goals. Understand their pain points too and how you can help alleviate them.

Once you’ve done this you will understand the type of content you need to create/syndicate to resonate with your target audience and which types of publications you should seek to partner with.

How to get started with content syndication

There are two routes to consider: free or paid.

Free involves you doing the groundwork to find the right publications and then attempting to partner with them. Alternatively there are paid tools that do the work for you – this is often the only way to access the largest publications.

We can help

At i-4business we now offer content syndication as a service. This gives you the opportunity to get your content in front of more than 1million contacts. Our service can have your prospects consume multi-level assets through the sales funnel to automatically create new leads for you.

It’s time to get the most out of your content marketing. To find out more about our content syndication service call our team on 01252 367400 or contact us here.

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