Tim Stevens
Friday, April 8, 2022

The Top 8 Reasons to Choose i-4business Over the Competition

When choosing a data provider it’s important to understand their processes and the work that goes on behind the scenes to harvest legal, compliant and effective data. Here we’re going to show you what sets i-4business apart from the likes of ZoomInfo, Cognism, Lusha, Dun and Bradstreet and CorpData.

segmentation targeting data

1)   Greater depth of data

We have a greater depth of job roles than our competitors, ranging from decision-making CIOs to influencers like IT developers. This is important so you can get your products in front of more potential decision-makers rather than presuming which single contact you need in an organisation.

2)   Specialist provider

We specialise in providing data for technology companies to market to. This laser-like focus allows us to be masters of our craft in this area to get technology companies the exact data they need to increase sales. We have data from over 300 vertical markets, covering both enterprise and public sector organisations.

3)   GDPR compliance

Our database is the only opt-in database available. This makes our data the most GDPR compliant.

What’s more, the vast majority of our competitors are not GDPR compliant outside the UK which is a big problem if you’re looking for overseas data.

Our competitor Cognism processes data on the grounds of ‘legitimate interest,’ not consent as we do. In their GDPR documents, it states that it is up to the client to guarantee that they are compliant before using the data for direct marketing (essentially, you must obtain opt-it yourself!)

4)   We have greater coverage & experience across Europe

Our competitors lack European coverage and quality. Most have only offered European data for 5 or 6 years. We’ve been providing it for 25 years.

The vast majority of our competitors are US-centric and often only provide European data to be a ‘global’ solution which can lead to a lack of quality and compliance.

5)   We’re not aggregators

We own all of our own data. A lot of other data providers don’t own 100% of their data as they aggregate other data sources.

We know that Lusha for example buy third-party data, and so does Cognism. This lack of control and ownership is a key reason why competitors can’t guarantee compliance and often lack quality.

6)   Experienced account managers

We support you by providing experienced account managers who are there when you need them. They have the experience and the knowledge that’s required. They know the data laws so you don’t have to and they can also support you with marketing advice – they know what works. For example, they can tell you all about the importance of targeting and segmenting data.

7)   In-house research team with native speakers

We are the only data provider who has an in-house research team of native speakers – other data providers use web-spiders and most of the time rely on technology, not real people, which again limits accuracy and quality.

Lusha scrape their information from public sources and use algorithms to collect data through daily scans. We put in the manual groundwork to guarantee accurate and effective data.

Cognism has previously used 25 steps to guess their contacts’ email addresses on mass – which is illegal.

The role that our research team plays in obtaining and managing our database is therefore pivotal.

Find out more about our researchers and why it’s so important that we own all our data, and that it’s compliant, here – The Role of the Researcher: How We Own Our Data.


8) We're the only B2B data provider who offers a free 30-day account

No other B2B provider offers 30 days of data for free. We offer ZERO COST accounts for 30 days so you can see for yourself the data we can offer and the results you can generate before you commit.

Sign up today for your free 30-Day account and get access to:

·        300 verticals

·        100+ job roles

·        Enterprise and public sector organisations

·        Data guarantees for accuracy/completeness/recency

To find out more or to request a new account from a member of our team, call us on 01252 367400 or contact us here


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