How Many Leads Can YOU Handle?

Monday July 18, 2016 2:15pm by Barry Stevens

The short answer is always “one more than you have”.

Think about it for a moment. A single sale is almost never going to make our number for the year. It’s not going to get us to President’s Club. It’s never going to give us financial independence.

All of those goals can only be met by regular sales success – that only happens if we have a solid pipeline. And, the reality is that our pipeline probably contains situations that range from the “dead cert” end of the spectrum to the “in our dreams” end.

And that’s why we can always handle an extra lead. Once we qualify it and it’s better than others, then we give it priority over others. If it’s a slow-burner, we simply put it into the process and work it in as needed. And, if it’s a waste of time, simply drop it, just like we should drop anything in the pipeline that has the same zero chance of happening.

A strange thing happens in sales. The more coverage we have in our pipeline, the more confidence we build. And we all know that effective closing is often about confidence. That confidence will work through to winning more sales, gaining more quality leads – and that works through to produce more successful deals which gives us more confidence …..

So, I put it to you that it’s a no-brainer that we can always handle one more lead. In addition to Always be Closing, our mantra should therefore be Always be Prospecting.

All very well, but how to achieve that?

Our Marketing team probably can’t always feed us all the quality leads we need - so, we need to find them ourselves. But how? Where can we find them? How can we contact the right people?

We need more intelligence – no, I don’t mean the intellectual kind – I mean instant access to all the organisations we might want to approach plus all the key decision makers/influencers in a single, easy to use, always accurate, up-to-date database of intelligence that we can tap into.

We need a tool that enables us to find out everything about people and companies we already know by name – their telephone numbers, email addresses, their size/industry sector, their specific job titles and job roles, the people they report to, the people who report to them etc.

But, we also need to find companies and people we don’t even know exist – by using search capabilities like find similar people, find similar companies, find companies/people that meet a set of criteria we define.

And, we need to be able to rely upon that intelligence to be accurate, up-to-date and complete. We need to be able to email these people straight off the screen, phone them with a mouse-click.

We also want to do most, if not all, of that from within our current CRM (e.g. Salesforce) without having to flip between systems – we want to pull the information straight into the CRM.

If all this were to hand, keeping our pipeline full and flowing would be so much simpler and would free up time and energy to work the leads through the funnel all the more effectively.

If you think all of this is wishful thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong. Solutions like this exist.

And, free trials are normally available so that you can see it and prove it for yourself.

I could at this stage say that the one you really need is i-4business the Sales Edition, but that would be crass and self-serving, wouldn’t it?

But, hey, here’s a link to the FREE TRIAL anyway.

Happy hunting! And always remember: Success Is No Accident!