Our First Blog - Success is No Accident!

Thursday June 30, 2016 10:12am by Barry Stevens

This new Blog thread is focused on aiding YOUR success.

After all, that’s what we at i-4business do all day, every day – concentrate on how to contribute meaningfully to your success.

I’m prompted to start this new Blog by the realisation that we have just entered our 20th year of doing exactly that – delivering actionable intelligence to assist all sales and marketing activities of Technology companies.

Over those years, we have worked with virtually every major Technology player and many more niche players and start-ups. Our success has been remarkable.

But the good news is our best is yet to come.

Our team is constantly growing – our methodology is constantly evolving – our coverage of EMEA organisations and their key personnel is constantly expanding – our depth of intelligence is constantly increasing – our on-line application is constantly moving forward.

Thus, our ability to contribute to your success is constantly accelerating.

So, what will be in this Blog thread and why is it called SUCCESS IS NO ACCIDENT?

Let’s take the second question first – why SUCCESS IS NO ACCIDENT?

I’ve chosen that title because I never forget that truth; success doesn’t arrive by accident – true success can only come from conscious, targeted, focused action. If something happens by accident, how can it be called success?

When we forget this, we’re in danger of wallowing along without any direction, strategy or plan and get the level of success we deserve – i.e. little or none!

Re the content of this Blog thread, it will be a wide range of points that impact on successful sales and marketing in the Technology space. Much, but by no means all, will be concerned with sales & marketing intelligence, sales & marketing automation and how to exploit all of this to best effect.

Sometimes a posting will result from observation of a particularly clever or impressive approach or the reverse – a particularly crass or unprofessional or unappealing action.

Sometimes, my postings will be contentious – I’ve never been known to blindly follow convention and I strongly believe that we all need to be made to think again as to the wisdom of our approach.

And, to be totally honest, sometimes (but not always), I may blow our own trumpet about how we can contribute to your success but this will not be anywhere near a constant, in-your-face sell – a view I hold strongly is that such behaviour is self-defeating.

The best way to judge is to read a couple of instalments and determine how useful it is.

I would also appreciate your feedback and comments on these Blog postings.

I’d also appreciate you sharing this Blog thread with others you feel may find it relevant – thank you.

Barry Stevens - 30th June 2016