Twittering - A Tsunami of Noise?

Wednesday October 26, 2016 11:56am by i-4business

310M daily twitter users

1.3 billion twitter accounts

44% of Twitters users have NOT sent a tweet

6,000 Tweets per second

500M Tweets per year!

Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have been a useful tool for Lead generation. Given the increased focus on inbound lead generation, social media is playing a more crucial role. However, that is an increasingly difficult task with the amount of noise that can be found on both platforms.

I have heard people new to twitter (including our CEO) use the term ‘Twittering’ rather than the traditional ‘Tweeting’ – Although some may have got the wrong end of the stick, I think they are actually right when using that term! Twittering, defined as ‘constant uttering of chirping sounds’ fits the action extremely well – How often do you jump onto your Twitter feed and see an unmanageable sea of tweets, as soon as you refresh your feed there will be more tweets waiting… I see this every single day and we only follow 400 accounts!

Reason for this is that over 6,000 tweets are sent every SECOND! That equates to over 500 MILLION tweets per day. This is far too much data to ever keep up with. It makes me question how effective twitter posts are and how often tweets were missed by intended audiences… How many followers manage to find your voice, through the tsunami of noise that is on Twitter? I know there are an array of different analytic's tools that will provide information on your audience interaction, but these tools can’t tell you how many people missed that post…

Although I use LinkedIn a lot more than Twitter, I see LinkedIn going the same way. Currently there are 450 million users, 2 new members sign up every second and LinkedIn plans to reach 3 billion users – This will only increase the noise on LinkedIn too, especially with an increasing amount of posts that are not relevant to the professional network. LinkedIn will remain a useful networking tool, but only used with other forms of marketing can it generate leads. I hear regularly from our clients the amount of in-mails they receive on LinkedIn and if they don’t recognise that person, they simply ignore them.

That said, social media certainly has a key role to play today fueling inbound lead generation. Successful marketing/lead generation cannot however, be solely reliant on that one approach. Proactive, outbound activity is still key. We still need to be able to identify our target audience, identify new DM’s at our customers and allow your sales teams to proactively go out and find new business – We can’t just rely on LinkedIn (when was it last updated for instance?), we need the person’s full contact details, understand who in that company reports to whom and most of all make sure they are the right person in the right company!

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