Is your data overdue a Health Check?

Tuesday August 2, 2016 9:03am by i-4business

When you're ill you go to the doctors or the hospital. You seek advice from specialists in the health field. They then diagnose your condition or illness and prescribe medicine or plan, to make you well again.

What about your data? How do you keep your data healthy? Screening out bounces and opt outs is NOT cleaning your database. You need to know more than that, you need to know when someone leaves a company, or when someone changes roles or when there is a new decision maker at a target account...

Other than bounce rates, there is nothing specifically that you can do to measure/monitor your data quality, other than to have a team checking the information on a regular basis to ensure it does not decay or get "ill". This can be a costly process.

To ensure your data remains healthy, you too should visit a specialist. i-4business are the EMEA specialists in supplying B2B data on Enterprise accounts exclusively to technology organisations.

The reason for keeping your data healthy is obvious! Data drives your sales & marketing campaigns... Your campaigns rely on quality and accurate data... Without healthy data your campaigns cannot be successful!

Let us take a look and measure your data health & diagnose any errors through our Free Data Audit.