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Quick Tips

Latest Database User Tips

Save valuable time by using Custom Fields and Template Downloads to get the most out of your i-4business B2B contact database subscription.

Use the full capability of the i-4business database search function with Criteria Searches, Smart Lists and the Upload function to get far more from your data.

There's more information about all of this functionality below including some useful 'how to' videos but please don't hesitate to contact Andrea directly if you have any queries.

Andrea Reep Account Manager

Andrea Reep
Account Manager

Add a status or note to records within a Smart List

Select one or several records in your list, then click on Actions and select ‘Update List Status’. You can add any type of status relevant including an optional comment (example: Call Back, on Monday) You can also group your list by your statuses.

Update or change the criteria for a Smart List

Go to the Search Criteria section within your Smart List to see the criteria selected for the records in your list. Click on ‘Update Search Criteria’ to overwrite any of your selections, don’t forget to click on ‘Update List’ to save your changes.

Create Custom Fields for Companies & Contacts

By creating Custom Fields for companies and contacts you can flag companies such as customers, prospects or specific target accounts and use these new Custom Fields when running a company or contact search. Custom Fields can be created in the Setting area, and then you can append these fields against individual records, or in bulk using Lists or Uploads.

Create your own Download Template

To create your own Download template when exporting contacts or companies from a list or search just go to Settings on the left hand menu. Here you can set up as many customised templates as you like.

(Please note this only applies to users that have the ability to download data).

Save as many Criteria Searches as you like

Clicking on the ‘Save’ button at the top of your Search lets you enter a name, which you can then load again anytime needed. This saves you time and ensures you have a record of what filters have applied to previous data pulls.

Create a Smart List from your Search

Simply select all search results and click the purple Action button, then select ‘Create new smart list’. A Smart List enables you to instantly identify any new contacts that meet the filters applied within the list and ensure you can export any changes to the list of contacts instantly, ensuring you have the most accurate and fresh information available for your campaign.

Run a Search against a list of companies from an excel spreadsheet

Use the Upload function to import a list of target accounts and then select your Upload results within your Search Criteria.

i4b New Features Icon

You asked. We listened!

New features for the i-4business database platform

Since our last customer survey we've been working to enhance the usability of our data and the platform based on your feedback. Our latest release includes many of the features you have been asking for, and a few more!

Improved User Interface

The frontend user interface is now far more straightforward and intuitive to use with a better UI and more responsive platform.

Extended Logout Time

The web application session idle time out has been extended to 20 minutes.

Niftier Matching Facility

We’ve reduced the time it takes for you to match up specific target companies and retrieve contact information for them to just 1 minute.

Edit Smartlists Search Criteria

Edit the criteria for a list, by clicking ‘Update Search Criteria’ within your list. Add or delete any criteria, then click on ‘Update List’ to save your changes.

If you'd like to talk through these latest changes in more detail, please do get in touch with us by email or telephone +44 (0) 1252 367400

We're constantly developing additional tools to enhance the usability of the i-4business database platform so we'd love to have your feedback which can be left here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs page for the answers to the questions we get asked the most about the i-4business B2B contact database

I4b Articles

Latest Articles

Featured articles from our team of experienced data experts featuring insights, news and perspectives with detailed explanations, definitions, and examples. Each entry is built to specifically address important data-driven marketing concerns facing B2B sales and marketers in the tech industry.

Tim Stevens Managing Director

Tim Stevens
Managing Director

Key 'need to knows' from long awaited ICO 'Draft Direct Marketing Code of Practice'

The ICO code states that purchased third party data can be used, providing certain conditions are met. The onus is on the buyer to do their due diligence and suggests that due diligence should involve asking any B2B data provider you are using the following questions:

  • Who compiled the data – was it the organisation you are buying it from or was it someone else?
    We compile our own data using an in-house research team, all based in the UK, made up of native speakers (UK, German, French etc)
  • What privacy information was used when the data was collected – what were individuals told their data would be used for?
    All data subjects are informed that there information will be shared with our customer base of Technology businesses for direct marketing purposes (incl. email, telephone and postal).
  • When was the personal data compiled – what date was it collected and how old is it?
    We are continuously compiling, cleansing and refreshing our database every single day. Each contact is verified and reminded of our data policy at least once every 6 – 8 months.
  • How was the personal data collected – what was the context and method of the collection?
    Our research team collects the information via telephone interviews and/or via online public sources.
  • Records of the consent (if it is ‘consented’ data) – what did individuals’ consent to, what were they told, were you named, when and how did they consent?
    Our data subjects consent to receiving direct marketing communications from our customers. All consent is given by the data subject within a telephone interview with a member of our research team. All data subjects are informed of who our customers are and what personal information of theirs we will be holding.
  • Evidence that the data has been checked against opt-out lists (if claimed) – can it be demonstrated that the TPS or CTPS has been screened against and how recently?
    Yes, we screen our database against the TPS every month and flag within the database which records are listed on the Telephone Preference Service.
  • How does the seller deal with individuals’ rights – do they pass on objections?
    Any privacy queries or Data Access Requests can be passed on directly to us, to liaise directly with the data subject.

    Read the ICO announcement here: ICO consultation on the draft direct marketing code of practice

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