i-4business B2B Database FAQs

Below you'll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about the i-4business B2B contact database. If you can't find the information you need then drop us a line here and one of the team will be happy to advise.

How do I know the data is accurate and up to date?

Our in-house multi national team research and cleanse all our data on a regular and frequent cycle. We do NOT outsource any of our research, ensuring unrivalled data quality.

What details do you provide for each contact?

Contact Name, Salutation, Job Title, Job Role, Email Address, Phone Number, Direct Dial, Language, Postal Address, Secretary/PA Details

What details do you provide for each company?

Company name, HQ Address, Industry, Staff Number, Revenue, Parent and Subsidiary Links, Year End, Number of Locations.

Can I share my login details?

No. Please do NOT pass on your login details to anyone. The portal you are accessing contains data that is licensed to nominated users only; sharing details will cause a security alert and may block your access. If a colleague requires access, please contact your Account Manager.

What do I say to data subjects when asked where I sourced their data from?

What do I say to data subjects when asked where I sourced their data from? All our research activity is conducted by our sister company The Oliver Searle Partnership. This is the company name you will need to state when asked. If they wish to speak with us, then please forward any email conversations you’ve had and/or phone call details and we will get in touch. Alternatively they can get in touch with us directly via dpo@oliversearle.com

Who can use the data I have access to?

Anyone in your organisation (the contracted company) can use the data on your company’s behalf during the time of your subscription. Agencies can also do so, but please contact your Account Manager beforehand to ensure the correct procedures are in place. Data must NOT be passed on to any other organisations.

For how long can I use the data?

A key requirement of the GDPR is that the information that is processed must be accurate and maintained on a regular basis. Therefore, information sourced from i-4business must be used within 28 days of receipt; you are then required to download a refreshed set of information. If you are importing the data into another CRM or Marketing Automation System, please ask us about our monthly CRM Synchronisation process we offer.

Who owns the data?

We own the data and you are licensed under our agreement to use the data provided via your subscription. The ownership transfers to you if the contact consciously and explicitly responds to your communications. (Please refer to the contract for details or ask your Account Manager.)

How do you obtain this data/Where do you get the data from?

All information is the result of in house research - we do not acquire any data from other data organisations. That research uses multiple sources, which include: telephone conversations; corporate websites; referrals; social media; press releases; press articles; annual reports; case studies; inbound opt-ins.

How often is the data updated?

We make thousands of updates and changes every day. We verify each contact once every 6 months on average. We have extremely strict Service Level commitments within our customer agreements, guaranteeing unrivalled accuracy levels.

How does i-4business handle opt-outs and removals?

Contacts that have changed their communication preferences or requested to be removed from the i-4business database are sent weekly to a nominated user at your company. These only include contacts that were downloaded via i-4business or viewed online at some point during your subscription.

To comply with GDPR, these contacts must be removed accordingly from your marketing/CRM systems. If you have received these contacts via another source or they have engaged with you, you do NOT need to make changes.

Can I import i-4business data into our CRM/Marketing Automation System?

You can, but please request permission from your Account Manager and ensure the following requirements are met:

  • A source of Oliver Searle/i-4business must be added to all data you are importing.
  • The i-4business contact ID must also be appended against every record.
  • Consider how to keep the data up-to-date. The best option is our CRM Synchronisation process which you can discuss with your Account Manager.

How does i-4business monitor data usage?

As is common practice in our industry, we have seeded our data with ‘Sleeper Records’. Sleepers are fictional contacts that help use monitor data usage. Data is therefore trackable.

What is the minimum subscription term?

Minimum commitment of 12 months. We have extremely strict Service Level commitments within our customer agreements, guaranteeing unrivalled accuracy.

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