All the information we deliver is researched in-house.

We do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information.

WHY? Because no-one else has the commitment to quality and depth that we insist upon.

Our entire team are full-time, permanent employees, based here at our HQ. They predominantly work in their native-tongue – Germans calling Germany; French calling France etc. This also applies for the Team Leaders – each Regional team is led by a native-speaking Team Leader who started as a Researcher and proved their worth in that role.

A Team Leader’s primary focus is on accuracy & completeness and compliance with our methodology and processes – they don’t just focus on the numbers.
We use a unique, rigorous and immensely effective methodology to achieve our goal of the unparalleled quality, accuracy and completeness, coverage and recency we insist upon.

Working to that rigorous methodology, our team constantly:

  • seeks out additional relevant organisations
  • re-verifies the information we have
  • seeks to add any missing detail
  • scans all sources for additional contacts
  • re-verifies the contacts we already have


The diagram reflects how exhaustive we are in our search for the information we seek – all of these sources are essential to achieve the comprehensive coverage we deliver.

Ours is a complied database – we specifically seek to identify all relevant organisations and then to identify all key roles within each organisation. Sitting back and waiting for the right people to crop up simply won’t do – we need to proactively search for the people we need. That involves all of the sources in the diagram – sometimes it’s as simple as calling a company and asking; often, it’s more like following a confusing trail to find the information.

Whatever is required, we pursue all avenues and exploit all available sources until we’re successful.


We don’t give our team a rigid script (except re permissions – see below), since that won’t achieve the required outcome.

Instead, we train our team to ask all the right questions in the right way. We believe the quality of the answer is directly dependent upon the quality of the question.

We train them meticulously to ensure that they understand why questioning in different ways gives answers of varying levels of completeness, accuracy and relevance.


Thus, our Team Leaders enforce the style of questioning rather than the exact words used; and they ensure that ALL the questions are posed, not just the easy ones.


Calls are monitored and Team Leaders follow through to verify that the updates made to the i4business database reflect precisely what has been learned in the conversation.

It’s vital that our team appreciate that quality is the sum total of all their actions and it’s not enough to make a good call – it’s all to no avail if the resulting update isn’t performed with the same attention to detail.

Paying close attention in that update task can throw up other items to consider and possibly lead to a call-back to question a specific point further.

This Team Leader follow-up has a major bearing on how quickly a team-member becomes the reliable, diligent researcher we demand.


The application guides the researcher to highlight possible errors and omissions.

Examples include:

  • language-specific spell-checker
  • forcing mandatory field entry (e.g. salutation, language, etc.)
  • highlighting inconsistency – (e.g. more than 1 CEO or CFO; spelling in email differs from name fields)
  • failure to enter full detail of the source exploited
  • job roles not entered or updated

We aim to capture errors and omissions as early as possible in the process.



A mandatory daily process for every researcher.

The i-4business application automatically presents each researcher with all the entries updated that day in a format that enables a quick yet effective review, providing a second point of error capture – an immediate correction/further investigation ensures we maintain the highest possible quality standard.

A second language-specific spell-check is included.


This phase is the responsibility of the Team Leader.

In a similar style of review as Check-your-Data, each researcher’s daily output is presented to the relevant Team Leader. The focus here is on inconsistency or missing elements and yet another language-specific spell-check.

A major part of this phase is for the Team Leader to sanity check the job roles applied.


eMail is employed towards the end of the process to seek confirmation of details gathered, to request missing/confusing details to be supplied/clarified and to confirm permission to share the information.


This is one area of the script that needs rigid enforcement - it is important that there be no misunderstanding.

Assuming permission to share is granted, an eMail is sent to confirm the telephone conversation and to confirm permission to share details with our clients.

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