i-4business: THE authentic EMEA intelligence service

i-4business is an on-line, on-demand resource delivering a comprehensive profile for each and every Enterprise Organisation across EMEA.

And, delivering on-demand full, actionable information on every relevant decision maker/influencer in those organisations.

And, it’s built, maintained and delivered exclusively for technology vendors – we’re dedicated to delivering the most effective solution for that specialist sector.

Why did we build i-4business?

Simply put – our sole purpose is to contribute to your continued success. Specifically, it’s about your success in sales and marketing across EMEA.

Today, more than ever, sales isn’t just a numbers game – it’s more sophisticated than that. To be consistently successful, you need to know your prospects as intimately as possible BEFORE you approach or meet/talk with them. You might get only one chance to engage and so you want to be sure to present your pitch as effectively as possible.

Today, more than ever, marketing isn’t solely about how many people you mail – it’s also about how relevant you are to each member of your audience each time you communicate. Closely targeted messages can be truly relevant to each recipient – if they’re not, they’ll be ignored.

Worse than that - if you’re not seen as relevant, all future messages may be filtered out using the delete button or even an opt-out.

That’s why i-4business exists – so that you can successfully engage with key targets and so that you can communicate effectively and successfully with everyone in your target market.

And, that's precisely why we constantly work so hard to keep it fully up-to-date and complete.


Jim Speredelozzi, Black Duck Software

"i-4business is quite simply, the only reliable source of sales intelligence for EMEA sales teams — and I should know, I’ve tried them all. If you are looking to expand in Europe, start by getting a subscription to i-4business"

Company Coverage

Company coverage

An Enterprise Organisation is one with EITHER sales revenue of at least $50M OR number of employees of at least 250. In addition, we also include all Public Sector organisations, regardless of size. Other organisations are also included - see more info.

These organisations tend to have higher technology-related expenditure. This is partly due directly to size and partly due to the increased complexity that size introduces. That, of course, makes them attractive targets to win over. That complexity also makes the sales & marketing interaction more complex.

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Geographic coverage

i-4business is the complete solution for technology vendors focused on EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

It’s built and maintained by our in-house multi-national and multi-lingual team of researchers fluent in all the languages of the region and having the cultural awareness to match.

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Geographic Coverage

Information coverage

Key core roles are always researched in every organisation. Other key roles are researched if the organisation is in a relevant sector. In addition, we endeavour to identify other useful contacts – we categorise contacts across a total of 185 job roles to give you the granularity to select the precise people you need.

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Our methodology

All the information we deliver is researched in-house – we do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information.

WHY? Because no-one else has the commitment to quality and depth that we insist upon. Our entire team are full-time, permanent employees, based at our HQ. We use a rigorous methodology designed to achieve the coverage, quality, accuracy and recency we insist upon.

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Andrew Roberts, Total Recall

"We have 20+ years’ experience in seeking B2B data on key contacts in larger organisations; there is no consistently better data source in EMEA than i-4b. You get what you pay for"