Marketing Edition

The Marketing Edition gives marketing teams the ability to precisely target ALL the right decision-makers in ALL the right organisations & ONLY the right Decision-makers in the right organisations.

It gives you instant access to your target audience with intuitive tools that ensure your marketing is precise, targeted & relevant. For more information on the coverage of i-4business please click here.

Today, more than ever, marketing isn’t solely about how many people you mail – it’s also about how relevant you are to each member of your audience each time you communicate.

Closely targeted messages are the only way to deliver content that is truly relevant to each recipient – if you're not relevant, you'll be ignored.

That's why we take such pains to categorise every contact precisely so that you can pick your audience carefully and confidently; it's also why we built such a comprehensive selection capability into i-4business - every element of information we carry can be used as part of your selection criteria to focus in on the most appropriate audience for each and every campaign.

Our Clients Say


Luben Solev, Digital Marketing Manager: "i-4business has been CenturyLink's primary marketing data provider for the UK market over the last 4 years. We have been very happy with their account management and the ability to self-segment and export the data we require"


The Marketing Edition, delivered via our intuitive application, enables you to:

  • Select the precise audience for each campaign using over 180 job roles & 300 verticals - instantly on-line, in real-time
  • Download campaign lists, automatically adjusting the downloaded information to the most current values
  • Review the full detail of an organisation and all its contacts on-line
  • Search by Organisation name/Postcode/contact name/contact job function/telephone number/web domain
  • Navigate through parent/subsidiary relationships
  • Navigate to contacts LinkedIn profiles
  • Append “Marketing Tags” to accounts & contacts to enable easy segmentation e.g. ‘Customers’, 'Target Accounts', 'Sales Region', etc.
  • Integrate the downloaded campaign lists within your current campaign management solutions
  • Automatically synchronise all the data with your in-house CRM solution(s)
  • Find an organisation via any of its aliases (abbreviations, brand names, former names etc.)
  • Manage your campaign lists online, including for multi-touch campaigns and full campaign history
  • Match target accounts using our advanced, automated matching tool; then extract contacts for those target accounts or set "Marketing Tags", etc.


All the information we deliver is researched in-house – we do not aggregate or resell anyone else’s information. We use a rigorous methodology designed to achieve the coverage, quality, accuracy, recency we insist upon. More Info >>

Geographic Coverage


Europe, Middle East & Africa – We are the EMEA specialists. More Info >>

Subscription Model


Provides you with continuous access to the very latest, cleanest information at all times. With no additional fees you will never have to defer/cancel campaigns due to lack of data budget. More Info >>