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i4business provides comprehensive profiles on every Enterprise Organisation across EMEA.

These are the most prominent organisations; they have the largest IT budgets and they tend to have the greatest dependency on technology.

Company Coverage

So, what is an Enterprise Organisation?

An Enterprise organisation is one with:


sales revenue of at least $50M


at least 250 employees

All Public Sector organisations are also included, regardless of size – covers Central Government; Local/Regional Government; Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance); State Healthcare; State Universities; etc.

What Is Enterprise

Why Enterprise Organisations specifically?

Quite simply, these organisations have a compelling need for technology solutions of all types.

Their combined technology budget is huge.

Competitive issues put technology at the heart of business strategies.

The scale of their operations demands automation.

Their complexity and brand image dictate a high level of sophistication in their solutions.

That, of course, makes them attractive targets to win over.

Their size and complexity also make sales & marketing interaction more complex.

There are more individuals to influence, often across multiple departments, multiple locations and often multiple business units/subsidiaries/parents.

This complexity means that the need for detailed, comprehensive intelligence is paramount.

It also means that our proprietary research methodology is necessary and effective.

Company Coverage Analysis

Various analyses of the companies included within i4business are available on the Resources page – these include analyses by size; by sector; by region; etc.

These statistics are updated regularly and therefore provide a good overview of the coverage.

We’ll happily prepare up-to-the-minute statistics for you on request and can analyse by any number of other factors etc. to suit your need – simply call or email us

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