We deliver intelligence that delivers your sales & marketing success.

For over 22 years, we have focused exclusively on delivering actionable intelligence solely for technology vendors.

Our solutions are tailored for the benefit of both marketing and sales teams.

Whether you need to run a communication campaign to reach every key decision maker/influencer in a specific segment

Or whether you need to locate and then reach out to the one specific person with a key specific role within a specific organisation.

We deliver that intelligence accurately, completely and fully up-to-date.

And, we deliver it instantly on-line, on-demand any time you need it – all you need is a web browser or Salesforce.

Our whole concentration is on i4business and our focus is firmly on EMEA and our commitment is solely to technology vendors.

One of our strengths is that we are one of the few vendors supplying GDPR Compliant Marketing Data.

On the following pages, you’ll find full information on i4business, our coverage in terms of companies, our geographic coverage, the depth and breadth of our information.

And how we ensure we deliver the industry’s most respected intelligence in terms of coverage, depth, breadth and quality.


Kronos Inc

Kato Oosthuizen, International Marketing Ops Manager - "The account and contact data that i-4business provide ensure our European marketing and lead development teams target the right organisations with their campaigns. Our teams use the i-4business on a daily basis as their preferred and trusted source of company and contact information."



Philip Mayling, Director - The holy trinity of great sales organisations is blending great sales process, simple yet powerful CRM software and first class, reliable data. i4B is our data provider of choice and we don't hesitate to recommend to our clients looking for that final, third part of the jigsaw.